Eaton SLV20 Load-Sensing Proportional Directional Valve

Eaton's SLV20 valve achieves meter-out or meter-in control through logic elements, enabling flow sharing and flow prioritization in the same valve bank.

Slv20 Full Valve Bank And Individual Section
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Power management company Eaton announces the launch of its SLV20 load-sensing proportional directional valve, a flexible priority-flow-sharing solution for mini and micro machinery.

  • Offers greater flexibility and control as well as space and weight savings compared to traditional cast iron control valves for low-flow applications
  • Brings priority flow sharing to low-flow machinery with the versatility and serviceability of screw-in cartridge valves
  • Designed in sections to enable stacking of multiple functions
  • Utilizes Eaton’s new ESV9 four-way three-position proportional solenoid cartridge valve in a hydraulic integrated circuit concept
  • Meter-out or meter-in control is achieved through logic elements, which enables flow sharing and flow prioritization in the same valve bank
  • Sections are manufactured from aluminum drawn bar, which enables production of small batches of individual sections with added functions
  • Can include pilot-operated check valves, counterbalance valves or other bespoke functions that an application requires, reducing need for remotely mounted ancillary valves
  • Aluminum sections weigh significantly less than traditional cast iron sections, which can lead to efficiency gains and, in some cases, increased load-carrying capability and battery life
  • Patent-pending multifunction meter-out compensator reduces section size by 40%, saving space on the machine
  • Flows of up to 60 lpm (16 gpm) at the inlet and 30 lpm (8 gpm) at the work port
  • For mini and micro machinery platforms across a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, material handling and vocational vehicles, as well as auxiliary/accessory control on larger machines
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