To better reflect its various brands and international market presence, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR is rebranding itself as SDF.

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR has announced that its brand name has been changed to SDF. The new name will replace the current name in use for all the group's corporate activities worldwide. This renewal will also affect the corporate logo, as the typeface and the traditional symbol of the four intersecting elements will both be reworked.

The new trademark, which will nevertheless express the same content and values as the previous, is designed to better reflect the group's structure and size: a high degree of internationalization from the standpoint of both sales and production facilities, with a brand portfolio that, in terms of quality and complexity, goes well beyond the two main ones of DEUTZ-FAHR and SAME.

"The switch to SDF," explains Lodovico Bussolati, CEO of SDF, "is a logical consequence of the process of internationalization, and is due to the development of the product range and the differentiation of the brand names that have characterized our company over the past few years. This decision will allow the group to face both its corporate and brand promotion activities in a much more effective and consistent manner."

In order to mark the brand's presentation to the specialized European media at a press conference held on December 11 at the group's headquarters in Treviglio (BG- Italy), which was attended by SDF Vice Chairmen Aldo and Francesco Carozza and Bussolati, the company inaugurated a new exhibition area dedicated to engines at the SAME History Museum.

The exhibit is meant to pay tribute to the ingenuity of Eng. Francesco Cassani, who founded the company together with his brother Eugenio, as well as to reiterate the important role that engines have played throughout the company's history: from the first innovative projects of the 1920s, when the company went by the name of SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici), all the way up to the current FARMotion model, an engine designed and manufactured by SDF exclusively for use with agricultural machinery.