Design & Engineering Insights: Sy-Klone Developing Smart Technology to Improve Cab Air Quality

Use of sensors and machine-based data will enable monitoring and control of cab air quality in real time to ensure safety of machine operators.

Amy Rice, CEO, Sy-Klone International, says a major trend in the off-highway equipment industry is addressing operator health risks. Harmful, respirable particulate matter can be found in almost all major worksite conditions such as forestry, mining and agriculture. Because of this, it's important for OEMs to consider cab air quality when developing new machinery.

To aid OEMs with ensuring good cab air quality, Sy-Klone will work together with them to integrate the correct system for an application. Additionally, it is continually developing new filtration products to assure the health of machine operators.

Most recently the company was awarded a contract to research use of smart technology to manage air quality. The goals is to develop a means for the industry as a whole to monitor and adjust cab air quality in real time by employing cutting-edge, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled technology, says Rice. Multiple sensors, controls and machine-based data monitoring as well as remote data monitoring will be used to help OEMs maintain clean air in rigorous operating environments.

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