Webasto High-Voltage Heater Receives Innovation Award

Webasto's HVH 100, which is lighter, smaller and more powerful than conventional systems, received the "Innovation Label Award" at Busworld Europe.

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During the recent Busworld Europe 2017 trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, Webasto received the “Innovation Label Award” for its high-voltage heater HVH 100. An international jury of safety, emission and transport experts conferred the award to the innovative Webasto heater.

Compared to conventional heating systems for buses, the HVH 100 is lighter, smaller and more powerful.

The HVH was originally introduced for electrically powered cars and is now also available for electric buses and hybrid buses to provide comfort and safety in the interior and to keep the vehicle’s battery at an optimal temperature. It prevents a reduction in the range of the vehicle caused by the heating output.

In order to heat the interior, the HVH 100 can also divide the bus cabin into several zones, each of which is equipped with its own independent heating circuit. The HVH 100 thus guarantees stable comfort in the interior even if one of the circuits fails. Webasto technologies for electric heating systems contribute to solving the central challenges of electromobility. For example, new heating technologies significantly reduce energy consumption. The HVH 100 operates with maximum efficiency, so that hardly any heat is lost during the heating process.

In contrast to the current standard, the heater has an increased product lifetime of up to 15 years/12,000 hours. Furthermore, the HVH 100 does not weigh much: with its 2.7 kilograms, it is lighter and more compact than other electric heating systems for buses. The heater is also designed for on-board power supply voltages between 450 and 870V. The heating capacity can be continuously adjusted from 0.2-10 kW. The temperature of the HVH 100 can also be regulated very precisely between 40 and 90 C.