Eberspaecher Thermal Management Technologies for Off-Highway Applications

At CONEXPO 2020, Eberspaecher will exhibit several thermal management solutions including electric heating for hybrid and battery powered electric construction vehicles.

The Airtronic air heater heats quietly and features a long service life.
The Airtronic air heater heats quietly and features a long service life.

The Eberspaecher Group is one of the world’s leading system developers and suppliers for the automotive industry. From March 10-14, 2020, the company will exhibit efficient, powerful thermal management solutions for off-highway and construction vehicles at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, NV. Visitors to Bronze Hall, Booth# B – 92725, are invited to experience the comprehensive Eberspaecher product portfolio offering heating and cooling solutions for almost every application.

On construction sites, outside temperatures can vary considerably depending on the season or environmental conditions. Here, reliable thermal management is very important for the driver's safety and well-being. French climate control specialist Eberspaecher Kalori designs and manufactures heating, climate control and ventilation systems, as well as OEM accessories, for commercial and special vehicles.

In order to optimize airflow and HVAC development for specific cab environments Eberspaecher Kalori relies on the SIMULKA thermodynamics software. This enables the specialist to guarantee high quality and short development times. The product range includes high-voltage solutions as well as lower voltage packages for HVAC systems that reliably guarantee a constant temperature and optimal airflow in the driver’s cab.

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG, Eberspaecher will show its solutions in evaporation, heat exchanging and air conditioning. For many of the HVAC units electrical PTC heaters can be integrated for cabin applications in voltages from 12-700V DC. The new HK EVO4 head liner is especially suitable for harsh environments or very hot temperatures. The very thin ceiling air conditioner with a power of 10 kW is designed for large cabins. It is also available in A/C evaporator versions.

The third-generation Hydronic water heater features a durable brushless motor.The third-generation Hydronic water heater features a durable brushless motor.

Fuel operated heating solutions ensure reliable temperatures

At the beginning of the working day, the robust Airtronic air heater makes sure the driver’s cab is preheated to the ideal temperature. Thanks to its compact design, the fuel operated heater can be installed in tight space. It is an impressive system with its low energy consumption and very fast cab heating capability. It can run for long periods of time with minimal energy consumption. The Airtronic has many safety and diagnostic features making it a reliable pre-heating system. Low maintenance and easy service procedures are further benefits.

If the cab and the engine need to be preheated the engine-independent Hydronic water heater is the solution of choice. Fuel consumption is low and because of its brushless motor, the system is very quiet. The heat to the cab is distributed via the vehicle’s heat exchanger. Depending on the model, the Hydronic series offers an enlarged service life of up to 5,000 operating hours and an automatic altitude adjustment up to of 3,000 m above sea level. The power version comes with 5.6 kW of heating performance.

Eberspaecher heating systems can easily be operated by the EasyStart Pro operating element. In addition to a timer function it has an integrated temperature sensor, simple diagnostic functions for the users and more detailed diagnostic functions for the workshop. The timer function allows the user to set up to three programming locations or have the heater run endlessly. The Eberspaecher Titronic CHHV 50 G3 reliably heats off-highway vehicles with a hybrid or electric drive thanks to its PTC technology.The Eberspaecher Titronic CHHV 50 G3 reliably heats off-highway vehicles with a hybrid or electric drive thanks to its PTC technology.

Reliable electric heating for all drive types

At low temperatures, construction work and the transport of building materials must be ensured. Eberspaecher’s Titronic CHHV 50 G3 is a purely electrical solution for fast, reliable heating of off-highway and construction vehicles with a hybrid or electric drive. The compact high-voltage coolant heater warms up the driver’s cab using PTC technology: Based on their in-system self-control effect, these high-performance PTC elements protect against overheating, enabling safe and powerful heating.