Digitalpressuregauges 10057698
Ashcroftinc 10055032
An innovative alternative to traditional dial gauges, Ashcroft digital pressure gauges incorporate value-added features to advance pressure monitoring.
• Backlit LCD
• Selectable engineering units
• Min./max. recall
• Available in variety of sizes, accuracies and price ranges to suit a broad spectrum of applications
• Commercial Type D1005PS is a 2.5 in. gauge with 'plusmn;0.5%FS accuracy
• Industrial Types 2074, 2174 and 2274 3 in. and 4.5 in. gauges are rated at 'plusmn;0.25%FS and are available with 4-20 mA output and on-board SPDT switches
• The 3 in. Type 2089 test gauge has an accuracy of 'plusmn;0.05%FS and a five full-digit display
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