G/LL65 Liquid Level Gauge

Fozmula introduces the G/LL65 liquid level gauge featuring integrated electronics provides two electrical outputs and mechanical level indication.

Fozmula Gll65gauge 11578177

The G/LL65 joins Fozmula’s line-up of vertical liquid level contents gauges derived from the popular G/LL63 mechanical only version. 

  • Allows fuel tank designers to fit a single device where previously they may have fitted three separate products
  • Provides two electrical outputs in addition to the mechanical level indication
  • Integrated electronics in the display capsule provide two electrical outputs: a continuous liquid level signal and a level switch that triggers when the contents reach a prescribed level
  • Compatible with most controllers or remote gauges
  • For use with either a high or low level alarm
  • Specifying this single device saves on costs of surplus sensors, as well as save on additional tank apertures and fittings, reduce installation time, complexity and potential leak paths
  • Extruded aluminium stem and nylon header provides robust build
  • Features magnetic coupling between the float driven spiral and the gauge pointer, removing a potential leak path and eliminates any chance of liquid from the tank entering the gauge capsule
  • Enables liquid level to be monitored with and without power – saving end users time during filling and reducing the likelihood of costly fuel spillages
  • When the system is running an operator can monitor the fuel level at the controller or vehicle display and the gauge's built in level switch can be used to trigger an alarm if the fuel runs low
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