Master Gauges for Pressure Instrument Testing

Ashcroft introduces its latest gauges for pressure instrument testing and certification, Type 1082 and 1084.

Ashcroft10821084 Test Gauge 10439463
Ashcroftinc 10055032

Ashcroft has carefully engineered the Type 1082 and 1084 test gauges for sustained accuracy and high reliability in a variety of applications.

  • Available in 4 1/2 in., 6 in. and 8 1/2 in. diameters
  • Type 1082 boasts ±0.25% FS accuracy in ranges from vacuum through 10,000 psi
  • External zero adjuster, temperature compensation and Monel wetted parts ensure precision and media compatibility
  • For field calibration, the 3 in. Type 1084 “pocket” test gauge is the smallest portable master gauge available
  • Type 1084 covers ranges to 1,000 psi with 0.5% FS accuracy
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