Hirschmann iVISOR Mentor EI65

Hirschmann develops iVISOR mentor indicator system for mobile cranes.

Mentorei65 10251493
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Hirschmann Automation and Control (PAT), Chambersburg, PA developed the iVISOR mentor EI65 indicator system for mobile cranes.

  • Provides continuous display of actual load and allowable load, boom angle, boom length, radius, parts of line, and alerts to impending two block condition
  • Set up and calibration done through user-friendly console
  • Allows preset limits for all geometric and load variables with an audible and visual warning when limits are reached 
  • Large backlit display incorporates BestView – Adaptive display control for optimal readability
  • Incorporates CANbus technology for all sensors
  • Measures load with either SKM running line tensiometer or dead end force transducer 
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