EAO Series 04 Illuminated Selector Switch

EAO introduces its Series 04 illuminated selector switch featuring an IP65 environmental rating.

Eao Series 04 Illuminated Selector Switch Photo 5851ab35b95f3

EAO offers reliable, attractive and ergonomic Series 04 Illuminated Selector Switches.

  • Features long service life and robust construction
  • Enhances operator safety with quick and intuitive visual recognition on control panel
  • Sealed to meet IP65 requirements
  • Available with either single or bi-color LED illumination in red, green, yellow or white
  • Brightness allows for clear visibility in both strong sunlight and low-light conditions
  • Offers customization options such as round or square shapes with raised or flush design and ability to choose a short or long lever
  • Available with operating voltages of 6V DC to 230V AC
  • Includes rounded edges (in accordance with DIN 5566-1)
  • Provides good tactile feedback

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