APEM A02ES-H Emergency Stop Switch

APEM's A02ES-H emergency stop switches automatically disconnect from the power supply to reduce the risk of an accident if the switch is damaged or destroyed.

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The A02ES-H is APEM’s latest addition to an expanding line of industrial emergency stop switches.

  • Includes automatic disconnect from power supply in cases of operator damage or switch block separation, reducing risk of accident if switch is damaged, destroyed or assembled incorrectly
  • For applications where safety levels are particularly high and significantly regulated, including material handling equipment, off-road vehicles and industrial automation
  • Features 22 mm (0.87 in.) diameter bushing and mechanical lifespan of 250,000 cycles
  • Panel sealed up to IP65
  • Provides optional backlit illumination
  • Available in double pole, normally closed or double pole, normally closed + single pole, normally open
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