Post Vulcanized Bonding for Suspension Components

LORD Corporation has developed a post vulcanized bonding process for suspension components, including those used in heavy-duty applications.

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LORD Corporation is working closely with customers to support a transition to PV Bonding from mechanical fastening and other similar methods.

  • Improves performance when a traditional molding operation is not an option
  • Able to bond large and/or complex parts that don’t fit into a press
  • Bonds cured rubber to itself or metal
  • Using Chemlok or LORD adhesives in bonding process helps improve performance, reduce weight and provide a longer lifespan
  • Offers product and mold design freedom
  • Helps reduce tooling, production and labor costs
  • Eliminates components to reduce vehicle weight
  • Able to withstand severe temperatures, chemical and fluids attack, and vibration 
  • For use with control arms, tie rods, suspension bars, bushings, engine mounts, torsional dampers, seat components and stabilizer bars
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