Link Mfg. ROI Cabmate Semi-Active Cab Suspension

The ROI Cabmate intelligent semi-active cab suspension from Link Mfg. positively impacts safety, operator comfort, asset protection and driver retention.

ROI Cabmate Suspension
ROI Cabmate Suspension
Link Mfg.

Link Mfg., Ltd., introduces its ROI Cabmate semi-active cab suspension featuring Link’s Road-Optimized Innovations (ROI) technology which responds to road and weather conditions. 

  • Employs multiple sensors to constantly assess environmental circumstances, while responding simultaneously
  • An accelerometer monitors the motion of the cab
  • A position sensor measures the position and velocity of the cab relative to the frame 
  • Using Link’s proprietary algorithms, the system’s ECU interprets the stream of information from all sensors in real time, and responds by continuously adjusting the stiffness of shock absorbers and by filling or exhausting air from the system’s air springs to optimize ride stability and comfort
  • Entire system operates on less than 10 watts of power
  • System helps prevent health risks, handle impediments and asset destruction that decrease worker satisfaction, productivity and revenue potential
  • Company is certified to IATF 16949 standards (previously TS16949)
  • Features electronic height control that minimizes air consumption compared to traditional height control valves, because it does not fill or exhaust air in response to dynamic suspension motion

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