Link 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension

The military-grade 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension features an air-over-walking-beam design and has been optimized for commercial use on select vehicle models.

Mack Air Link 2020 01

Link Mfg. Ltd. announces that its 85K Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension is now commercially available for select makes and models.

  • Originally designed to meet the demands of the U.S. military and optimized for heavy vocational commercial applications 
  • High-capacity air spring suspension
  • Designed with large, high-volume, low-frequency air springs that enable occupants to experience a consistently smooth and comfortable ride whether their vehicle is under load or empty
  • Dual height-control valves ensure proper ride height and vehicle leveling are maintained, maximizing roll stability regardless of the weight and balance of a vehicle’s cargo
  • Features air-over-walking-beam technology
  • Provides smooth, comfortable, uncompromising ride quality
  • Ability to equally distribute weight, high roll stability and tractive capabilities make operating on challenging off-highway terrain safer, more comfortable and more controlled
  • 100% off-highway rated, designed to survive and thrive in harsh off-highway environments
  • Once wheel alignment is set, no future adjustments are required
  • Treated with Link’s exclusive Link-KOAT migratory self-healing metal treatment to provide corrosion resistance and rust protection, even when surfaces are exposed to excessive abrasion, harsh chemicals and other severe-duty environmental factors
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