Synchronizers for Heavy-Duty Truck Transmissions

Oerlikon Graziano introduces its synchronizers for heavy-duty truck transmissions designed to ease shifting and improve fuel efficiency.

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Oerlikon Graziano has developed a family of state-of-the-art synchronizers for heavy duty truck transmissions that sets new standards for fuel efficiency and ease of shifting.

  • First application on 9- and 14-speed gearboxes has contributed to transmission efficiency improvements, saving fuel and reducing emissions
  • Saves fuel in two ways: by optimizing the shift to minimize torque interruption and reducing steady-state drag torque in transmission
  • Features internal activation system, optimized clearances and lubricant paths for higher efficiency
  • Configured in single and double cone arrangements, each with same external geometry to allow great flexibility in transmission design
  • Four different synchronizer specifications are used on the 14-speed transmission and three on the 9-speed
  • Includes high torque capacity - up to 18000 Nm
  • Uses molybdenum coated steel cones for high durability with optimum friction
  • Future developments include potential for carbon coating
  • Integrated activation system provides durability, ease of assembly and improved consistency
  • By increasing speed of manual shift, torque interruption is reduced, keeping engine at optimum efficiency for longer and reducing engine transients to save fuel
  • Reduces differences in rotating speed when a gear is selected, further improving fuel economy
  • Improves shifting process during three distinct phases
  • Second phase, synchronization, has been shortened by use of multi-cone technology, best-in-class friction materials and optimization of geometries and tribological properties
  • Incorporates internal features allowing smoother travel of sliding sleeve, avoiding blocking problems and providing a more friendly engagement feel to driver
  • Ensures fast, smooth and reliable shift under all conditions


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