Oerlikon Graziano will introduce its Servo-Synchronizer, designed to save fuel by optimizing shifting to minimize torque interruption, during EIMA 2012.

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Oerlikon Graziano will exhibit its latest advances in transmission technology, including the Servo-Synchronizer, at EIMA International 2012 in Bologna, Italy.

  • Delivers increased efficiency, improved vehicle performance and reduced cost
  • Saves fuel by optimizing the shift to minimize torque interruption and reducing steady-state drag torque in the transmission
  • Combines high durability and high performance with an internal activation system
  • Internal activation system allows further increase in performance, efficiency and reduction of operatiing costs
  • Designed especially for off-highway transmissions
  • Internal devices generate a self energizing effect, allowing increased efficiency, especially in applications with high drag torques
  • Shift performance exceeds that of a single cone and is comparable to a standard double cone assembly of the same dimensions
  • Reduces demands on control system, lowers weight and offers quieter operation


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