Alliance Agriflex+ 354 VF Tire

The Alliance Agriflex+ 354 tire for high-clearance sprayers features a large air chamber to support the weight of today's big machinery.

Alliance Tire If354sprayer

Alliance Tire Americas Inc. has introduced the Alliance Agriflex+ 354 tire in the 420/95R50 size, a VF (very high flexion) tire for the largest class of high-clearance sprayers. Alliance 354+ Closeup

  • Features wide steel radial belts, stubble-resistant rubber compounds and sidewalls engineered for extra flexibility
  • Large air chamber supports the weight of today's big machinery
  • Handles loads of more than 15,000 lbs. (6,803.9 kg) per wheel
  • VF tires can carry the same load as conventional radial tires at 40% lower inflation pressure, dramatically reducing soil compaction, or carry 40% more load at the same inflation pressure as conventional radial tires of the same size
  • Rated for road speeds up to 40 mph (64.4 kph)
  • Available in 380/90R46 and 320/90R50 sizes, and a new 380/105R50 will be released soon

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