Ultra Guard LVT Skid Steer Tire

The Ultra Guard LVT tire from Carlisle is designed specifically for hard surface applications, featuring a tread pattern that maximizes surface contact and working life of the tire.

Carlisle Transportation Products has introduced the Ultra Guard LVT tire for skid steer loaders.

  • Provides longer wear and better performance
  • Designed specifically for hard surface application
  • Features tread pattern which maximizes both surface contact and working life of the tire
  • Maximum ground contact is achieved through use of high lug-to-void tread pattern
  • Chip/chunk resistant tread compound prolongs lifespan and delivers increased puncture resistance
  • Includes center bar at crown to further extend tread life
  • Able to resist abrasive hazards such as rocks, concrete, asphalt and other general demolition debris
  • Features thicker sidewall rubber gauge to enhance protection against sidewall damage
  • More rubber equates to smoother ride and improved tread longevity
  • Available sizes include 10-16.5NHS 10PR Ultra Guard LVT TL 570075, 12-16.5NHS 14PR Ultra Guard LVT TL 570076 and 14-17.5NHS 14PR Ultra Guard LVT TL 570077


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