K2x Linear Actuators

Warnerlinear 10056473

Warner Linear recently optimized its BTrack family of electric linear actuators for new customer applications requiring capabilities to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  • For one application, it engineered a bi-directional mechanical clutch that allows the K2x type actuator to raise the dump box on construction-rated ATVs up to a 2,800 lb. actuator push load, while also limiting the retracted actuator compression load to only 60% of the push load.
  • Allows high-load actuator to raise loaded and lower empty box into without damage to framework or mounting brackets
  • Also designed a similar bi-directional, electronic-current limit control, Quick Stop, as an optional safety device for ATV dump box applications
  • Warner Linear has conducted extensive testing on K2x actuators, including washdown capability and extended service life


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