Ewellix CASM-100 Electromechanical Actuators with Modular Design

The Ewellix CASM-100 electromechanical actuators feature a modular design, allowing manufacturers to customize the actuator to fit their specific application needs.

Ewellix Launches New Series Of Io T Ready Electro Mechanical Actuators
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Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, introduces the CASM-100 electromechanical actuators with a modular design, enabling tailored solutions for a wide range of industrial linear movement and positioning applications.

  • Various modules provide choice of motor types, gearboxes, ball screws or roller screws, and accessories for custom combinations to suite specific application needs
  • Standardized interfaces connect the different components to each other for optimized operation
  • Optimizes performance in speed, load capacity, and positioning accuracy
  • Performs virtually maintenance free, and is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
  • Uses up to 80% less energy than pneumatic cylinders and 50% less energy than hydraulic alternatives
  • Eliminates need for constantly running compressors, hoses, and other components
  • Applicable for use across industries where reliable, accurate and precise repetitive motion is required
  • Features a linear design that can withstand harsh operating conditions
  • Manufactured from high-grade materials for long service life, and offer superior precision and repeatability
  • Delivers a force range up to 82 kN (18,400 lbf), and linear speeds up to 890 mm/s (35 in./s)
  • Long stroke lengths of up to 2 m (6.5 ft.)
  • Supports Industry 4.0 technology objectives
  • Fits standard industry footprints and can easily facilitate system retrofits or conversions to meet any space and performance requirements
  • Features flexible mounting options and a variety of accessories are available
  • Fully equipped to achieve optimal service life, even at very high forces, and can deliver a favorable cost-to-performance ratio

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