Thomson Warner Linear H-Track Actuators

The Thomson Warner Linear H-Track electric actuators have a force rating of 4,800 lb.-ft. and features a miniaturized hydraulic pump powered by a DC motor.

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The Thomson Warner Linear H-Track actuators from Thomson Industries Inc. are electro-hydraulic actuators which have the strength of hydraulic cylinders but without their complex external assemblies or extensive fluid handling requirements. 

  • Force rating of 4,800 lb.-ft. (21 kN) packaged in compact size
  • Achieves travel speeds of nearly 4 in. (100 mm) per second
  • Well suited for space-constrained applications requiring high load handling and shock resistance
  • Patented valve and reservoir design provides significant space savings compared to competitive models
  • Miniaturized hydraulic pump is powered by DC motor
  • Pump, cylinder and reservoir are a single unit that fits into a small housing about the size of a screw-type actuator
  • Users can select between motors and pumps to optimize for higher load capacity or higher speed than can typically be attained with ball screw-based designs
  • Using hydraulic power to create linear motion provides cushioning effect that enables system to absorb shock load that might otherwise bend ball screw or extension tube, especially if shock load occurred while actuator was extended
  • Patented split-tank shuttle valve with back pressure relief adds further efficiencies
  • Stoke lengths up to 16. in. (406.4 mm) with solid rods allow for increased resistance to buckling
  • Features shorter pin-to-pin length than traditional electromechanical actuators
  • Immunity to vibrational drifting and hydraulic self-locking
  • Protection from load runaway by installing meter-out circuits on one or both sides of the actuator
  • Includes cover-tube reservoir that cools the fluid
  • Flexible lid on a vented, isolated reservoir allows for actuator and pump operation in any orientation without entraining air or cavitation
  • Sealed to eliminate leakage of hydraulic fluids
  • Weather-proof, dust-tight and corrosion resistant
  • Rated IP67 and IP69K for static loads, IP65 for dynamic loads and for 500-hour salt spray resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range of  -40-180 F (-40-82 C)
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