Amphenol Max-M12 High-Speed Connector

The Max-M12 connectors include X coding to support 10Gb/s data transmission.

Apl A 5324 Max M12 Expansion
Amphenol Industrial Products Group
Amphenol Industrial

Amphenol Industrial Operations has enhanced its Max-M12 product line to include an X coding, high-speed connector with support for 10Gb/s data transmission and S coding for a safer connection with First Mate Last Break.

  • For use in the rail and mass transit (RMT), heavy equipment vehicles, industrial automation and robotics markets
  • Endures extreme temperatures ranging from -55-125 C (-67-257 F )
  • Current rating of 4A
  • IP67 rating makes dust and waterproof
  • Can withstand up to 240 hours of salt spray
  • Ideal for high-speed data transmission
  • Used on RMT door systems, camera and communication systems, and HVAC systems
  • Can easily transmit high speed data in environments with high vibration, moisture, salt, dirt and debris
  • Can be used for off-road vehicles, ruggedized factory automation and robotics signal applications
  • Backwards compatible and can be mated with any standard M12 connector with the same indexing
  • Based on IEC 61076-2-101 and SAE J2839
  • Several mounting options, including front or back lock/flange and wire termination styles, such as solder, crimp, and printed circuit tails
  • In-line mated pair can withstand 444 N of connector-to-cable retention forces and contact retention forces to 110 N; housed in an HDM 12 EX impact resistant metal or plastic shell; available as a 90-degree right angle or straight versions
  • Metal version is available in multiple shell styles for a variety of interconnect requirements
  • Both the 4- and 5-pin configurations are available with A, B and D polarity codes
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