Hella Debuting New Lighting and Electronics Technologies at bauma 2019

Among the products being introduced are the Modular Worklight series to give OEMs an individual appearance and the VISIOTECH projection technology for communication using light.

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Lighting and electronics expert HELLA will be presenting its latest products for construction machinery and mining vehicles at bauma in Munich, the world's leading trade show for the construction machinery sector, from April 8-14, 2019 (hall A5, booth 436).

The highlights at a glance:

  • Beacon: World premiere of HELLA's new design beacon at bauma
  • "Modular Worklight": New worklight series for an individual appearance
  • VISIOTECH projection technology for communication by using light: LED Projection Module, warning lights SL60 LED, Module 50 LED Spot and RokLUME S700 Red.
  • Safe energy management with Intelligent Battery Sensors from HELLA
  • HELLA Radio Remote Control for door release and control of various functions

Beacon: World premiere of HELLA's new design beacon at bauma

HELLA is presenting its new design-oriented beacon for special applications for the first time at bauma. The beacon uses a new technology and can therefore create a unique appearance. The new lighting concept will represent a revolution in beacon lighting. It will be presented to the public for the first time at bauma and will shortly thereafter be available to original equipment manufacturers and for the independent aftermarket.

"Modular Worklight": New worklight series for an individual appearance

So far, it has often been a challenge for manufacturers to create a consistent light signature from the front to the rear. Add to this the enormous time and cost outlay for developing client-specific solutions. This is changing with the new LED "Modular Worklight" series, which HELLA is launching onto the market. The design was adapted to the "Shapeline" modular lighting series.

The modular lamp series Shapeline covers multiple lighting functions, from reversing and rear fog lights via side marker and clearance lamps to position and daytime running lights. With the Modular Worklight series now worklights in a matching design are also available. The new worklight series is likewise available in two design lines: "Tech Design" (classic straight line) and "Style Design" (curved dynamic). As a result, even low-volume vehicle manufacturers can now lend their vehicle series an unmistakable and individual appearance.

The new worklight series can be fully integrated into the cab roof. This offers more protection and better heat dissipation for the LEDs as well as takes system integration to a new level. In addition, the new series is already prepared for smart future solutions. Vehicle manufacturers can swap a successor generation for smart future solutions one-to-one, eliminating the need for costly design changes to offer their customers a lighting upgrade.

VISIOTECH projection technology for communication by using light

In addition to design and individual light signatures, the topics of energy management, safety and efficiency as well as the increase of comfort also play an important role in the construction and mining industry. In addition to an optimally illuminated work area, it is important that hazard zones can be optically marked or demarcated at any time as required in order to be able to warn and protect the surrounding area in good time.

HELLA has therefore developed the VISIOTECH projection technology and has already launched four products to help in these situations: The LED Projection Module, the warning lights SL60 LED, Module 50 LED Spot and ─ particularly for mining ─ the RokLUME S700 Red.

The LED Projection Module was specially developed for original equipment and projects an exclamation mark as a warning symbol on the floor. This allows other vehicles or pedestrians to be optically warned and their attention raised, or specific work areas to be delineated. If so required, other projections can be developed and set up in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer.

The SL60 LED and Module 50 LED Spot warning lights are available for original equipment manufacturers as well as for the independent aftermarket. For the SL60 LED and Module 50 LED Spot warning lights, a special lens optic allows the light rays to converge so much that a strip-shaped warning line or warning spot is projected onto the ground. This application serves to warn other vehicles or pedestrians of an oncoming vehicle. The lines projected in front of a vehicle can, however, also be used as a means of simpler vehicle navigation.

The RokLUME S700 Red LED warning light utilizes the same principle and projects a wide red marking onto the ground, thus highlighting the danger zone around the vehicle. Thanks to its powerful light output, the warning light can also be used on vehicles with high mounting positions and is therefore particularly suitable for mining vehicles.

Safe energy management with intelligent battery sensors

HELLA is well-known as a manufacturer of headlights for the automotive industry. Some time ago, however, HELLA greatly expanded its area of expertise to produce not only lighting products but also premium electronic components for the automotive industry and for commercial vehicles such as buses, caravans, trucks, tractors and agricultural or construction machinery.

The demands on the components for special vehicles are particularly high here, since they are used under hard conditions. HELLA's wide range of electrical and electronic products offers performance and quality carefully tailored to these requirements.

An example of this are the intelligent battery sensors, which represent a key element of energy management in the vehicle. You need to be able to measure the battery charge status, aging and any changes to your battery to use the energy in the vehicle electrical system carefully. Connected directly to the negative battery terminal, this intelligent battery sensor continually measures voltage, current and temperature.

Appropriate algorithms can then use these measurements to determine the battery’s charge level and signs of aging and subsequently plan energy reserves. This allows the energy management system to react quickly in case of a critical battery state and influence both consumer behavior and the alternator.

Radio Remote Control for door release and control of various functions

Another example is the HELLA Radio Remote Control System. The wireless remote from HELLA gives the driver a convenient way of unlocking the door of the cab such as that seen in the passenger car sector. The system is specially adapted to the particularly tough requirements of the heavy-duty industry and therefore features an extremely robust design and high resistance.

The Radio Remote Control, which can be equipped with up to two buttons, has high variability. When used in conjunction with an additional control unit, extra functions, such as “Coming Home” or triggering beacons and worklights, can also be used alongside the standard locking function – all with just the push of a button on a single remote control. This grants the user maximum flexibility in the application.

HELLA is now also offering a new version with functions such as "Coming Home" or actuation of the beacons or worklights. Previously, it was not possible to order just these functions when unlocking the door was not needed or desired. With this new version of the HELLA Radio Remote Control, vehicle manufacturers do not have to intervene in the mechanics of the door or in the electronics of the vehicle.