3DM-GX4 Miniature 10 Degrees per Hour Inertial Sensors

LORD Microstrain's 3DM-GX4 inertial sensors utilize high-performance MEMS sensor technology in a small and lightweight package.

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LORD Corporation MicroStrain Sensing Systems has introduced the 3DM-GX4 family of miniature 10 degrees/hour inertial sensors, utilizing high-performance MEMS sensor technology.

  • Includes dual processors, 10 degrees/hour gyro bias stability, and is fully calibrated and temperature-compensated to help produce high performance under vibration and dynamic conditions
  • Enables use in applications across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, such as camera and platform stabilization, antenna pointing and position sensing
  • Eliminates common sources of error such as hysteresis induced by temperature changes and sensitivity to supply voltage variations
  • Gyro drift is extremely low 
  • Can approach near-tactical performance in many applications ?through a variety of estimation techniques
  • Drop-in compatible with LORD MicroStrain’s GX3 family
  • 3DM-GX4-15 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and 3DM-GX4-25 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) feature tri-axial accelerometers and gyroscopes plus onboard Adaptive Kalman Filter
  • GX4-25 also includes tri-axial magnetometers and a pressure altimeter
  • 3DM-GX4-45 Inertial Navigation System (INS) features onboard pressure altimeter and tri-axial accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers
  • INS sensor also includes an Extended Kalman Filter and GPS to generate optimal inertial and attitude estimates
  • Features small and lightweight design 
  • GX4-15 and -25 weigh only 16.5 grams, and the GX4-45 weighs 20 grams
  • 3DM-GX4-15, -25, and -45 are each available in a starter kit consisting of its respective module, RS-232 or USB communication and power cable, software CD, user manual and quick-start guide
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