MEMSIC INS380 Inertial Measurement System

MEMSIC's INS380 inertial measurement system includes the company's SmartSensing technology enabling better than 0.01 m/s velocity measurement accuracy.

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MEMSIC announces the launch of its latest addition, the INS380, to its portfolio of Inertial Systems enabled with SmartSensing technology targeted to a broad range of precision motion sensing applications.

  • Complete inertial navigation system with a built-in 48 channel GPS receiver
  • SmartSensing technology enables a turnkey system with better than 0.01 m/s velocity measurement accuracy
  • Integrated three-axis magnetometer allows for accurate operation when the GPS signal is lost or when the vehicle comes to a stop
  • Provides sensor fusion and performance in critical motion sensing applications
  • Combines enhanced and patented Kalman-based algorithm with proprietary temperature, motion and alignment calibration for consistent and high accuracy performance over a wide range of extreme operating conditions
  • Applications include unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, platform stabilization, avionics, precision agriculture, construction and more




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