Gill Sensors & Controls Blade25 Inductive Position Sensor

Gill Sensors & Controls' Blade25 Inductive Position Sensor provides both linear and rotary position feedback capabilities in a single package.

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Gill Sensors & Controls Limited introduces the Blade25 Inductive Position Sensor into the North American market.

  • Offers non-contacting position sensing technology
  • Provides both linear and rotary position feedback in a single package
  • Proprietary inductive sensing technology can monitor the activator's (target) position in either a straight linear movement or in a curved 'arc' rotary movement as it passes over the sensing element 
  • Immune to outside magnetic influences, such as alternators, starter motors, audio speakers or large multiphase motors
  • Packaged as a flat pack of sealed electronics with two mounting holes 
  • Two-piece sensor design
  • Measures either +/-45 degrees of rotary movement or +/- 12.5 mm of linear displacement
  • Separation of 'activator' from sensor's electronics eliminates need for precise and expensive bearings, and thus mechanical wear issues of conventional shaft-driven sensors
  • Activator features air gap between second part of sensor, providing unlimited mechanical life span as the two pieces never come in contact
  • Well suited to extremely dirty and contaminated environments, in areas where strong magnetic fields are present and in complex mechanical assemblies that have tolerance and wear issues over their lifetime
  • Available with Analog, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Serial Output (RS232 19.2k 8N)
  • Features IP67 rating
  • Manufactured in a thin, fully sealed 40 mm x 50 mm x 6 mm package
  • Robust housing uses a side cable exit with 3.4 mm jacketed cable
  • Features a standard mild steel activator as the target
  • Can be customized for customers' applications




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