4-20mA Hall Effect Position Sensor

API Technologies introduces the latest addition to its Spectrum Sensors line, a 4-20mA output Hall effect position sensor.

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API Technologies Corp. announces the latest output option for its Spectrum Sensors line of H009 Hall Effect Position Sensors. The 4-20mA output option joins the existing H009 series with Analog, PWR and Serial output options.

  • Converts relative changes in magnetic field into electrical signal to provide position change information
  • Provides accurate measurement of position change in an angular direction
  • Features .875 in. diameter with .750 in. maximum length
  • Includes 12-bit resolution with a rotational life of over 100 million revolutions 
  • Offers absolute linearity of +/- 0.1% at ambient room temperature and +/- 0.3% at -40 to 125 C
  • Special shaft, flange mounting and gear mounting frame configurations are also available
  • Available with several options including lead wires, lead lengths and terminations; HR370 High TG printed circuit boards; and JST and Molex terminals


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