NRH275DR Rotary Position Sensor

Penny + Giles introduces its latest rotary position sensor, the NRH275DR, which features a low-profile housing and separate permanent magnet assembly.

Pennygiles Nrh275drrotaryposit 10893000

Penny + Giles – a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls – has introduced the NRH275DR, a rotary position sensor featuring a slim, low-profile sensor housing and separate permanent magnet assembly.

  • Includes no contacting mechanical parts that can wear
  • Well suited for specialist vehicle applications in extreme and hostile environments where installation space may be limited
  • Lightweight, low-profile design 
  • Operates from a 5V DC regulated supply
  • Two independent sensor power supplies and outputs enable full redundancy
  • Factory-programmed to allow wide range of output configurations including CH1/CH2 angle, output type and output direction
  • Features a very low maximum output signal noise of less than 1mV, which means no additional signal filtering is required on the output signals
  • Includes a fully encapsulated 12-bit Hall effect sensor system that can withstand high shock and vibration
  • Operates at temperatures from -40 C to 140 C
  • IP67-rated for dust protection and water immersion to a depth of 1m for 24 hours 
  • Two-part design offers maximum flexibility when mounting, accommodating up to ±2 mm of radial magnet offset and a permissible air gap of 2 to 5 mm between sensor and magnet
  • Measurements can be made transmissively through non-magnetic materials
  • Allows one of the sensor’s signals to be configured for use as a control function, while the other can be used for position monitoring or display purposes
  • Multiple configuration options available including a measurement range on each channel from 20 to 360 degrees (available in 1 degree increments)
  • Additional options include choice of two analogue voltage output ranges or digital PWM, a choice of signal ramps for each output channel, and a choice of three magnet assembly styles
  • Comes with six, 18 AWG individual wires as standard, but can also be fitted with Deutsch DTM or AMP Superseal connectors
  • Optional NC10 plastic conduit tube can also be fitted, giving complete protection of the connecting wires from the sensor body to the connector
  • Enables system designers to quickly and easily improve safety and integrity of control systems by using dual independent power supply and output signals
  • Compliant with SIL-2 requirements for systematic safety as defined in IEC 61508
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