LINARIX Linear Position Sensors

POSITAL-FRABA's LINARIX linear position sensors feature a combination of multi-turn absolute rotary sensor technology and heavy-duty draw-wire mechanisms.

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POSITAL-FRABA’s LINARIX linear position sensors combine a multi-turn absolute rotary sensor with a heavy-duty draw-wire mechanism. As the wire is drawn off of the device’s spool, the encoder measures the rotation and reports the result to the control system.

  • Draw-wire mechanisms are rated for over one million cycles
  • Rotary encoders are based on non-contacting magnetic or optical measurement technologies that are immune to wear or corrosion that can degrade accuracy of potentiometer-based draw-wire devices
  • Analog output can be programmed so that the full output range (0 to 10V, 4 to 20 mA) is set to match a specified range of linear displacements
  • DeviceNet, CANopen and SSI output interfaces are also available
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