MR and ME Series In-Cylinder Contactless Position Sensors

The MR and ME Series in-cylinder contactless position sensors Alliance Sensors Group feature an inductive coil to ensure protection against shock and vibration.

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Alliance Sensors' line of in-cylinder contactless position sensors for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications include the MR (port-mounted) and ME (embedded) Series sensors.

  • Inductive coil minimizes disturbance due to vibration and shock in extreme environments
  • Does not include wave guides which can get dislodged or wires breaking as with “time of flight” devices or wearing out as in thin-flim potentiometers 
  • MR Series designed for new or retrofit, and installations into hydraulic cylinder applications to convert conventional cyinders into smart position sensing devices 
  • ME Series originally designed for OEM applications feature compact size and multiple I/O choices
  • Both series suited for applications with limited space, high shock or other environmental considerations
  • Features SenSet field programmability which allows installer to very simply set zero and full range to match the actual cylinder stroke in seconds without need for special field programming electronics 
  • Applications include use in subsea, mobile hydraulics, hydraulic actuators, pneumatic actuators, valve position feedback and spool valve positioning
  • No magnet required, senses the piston rod position
  • Features minimum dead zones on probe tip and sensor head
  • Probe outer diameter measures 7 mm 
  • Functional replacement for magnetostrictive and resistive pots
  • Port-mounted and embedded versions available
  • Can be scaled in seconds once installed in the cylinder using the SenSet feature
  • Provides operating pressures to 5,000 psi g (10,000 ft.; 3,000 m) depth
  • Contactless design means there is nothing to wear out 
  • Includes high shock and vibration tolerance



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