PIL P43 Ultrasonic Sensors

The PIL P43 ultrasonic sensors feature a measuring range of 250 to 6,000 mm.

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PIL announces the availability of its P43 ultrasonic sensors to measure distances.

  • Provides range of 250 to 6,000 mm
  • M12, M18 and M30 dimensions are available, with or without thread or cubic housing
  • Offers high level of accuracy
  • Small sound cone shape, two integrated internal LEDs for echo justification and analog internal sensors ensure there is no need for digital translation and no loss of accuracy
  • Features standard analog 0 to 10V/4 to 20 mA output and two switching outputs
  • Can be programmed via Teach-In for various other custom settings
  • Uses an ultrasonic transducer to send and receive sound waves
  • Specially coded ultrasonic signals are transmitted in a set pattern
  • Independent of the material and the color of the object to be measured and are not affected by light, dust and fog, making it well suited for use in harsh, industrial environments 
  • Applications include object recognition for agriculture and fluid levels, distance measuring for trucks and loading ramps, level sensing in dusty conditions, parking lot detection/barrier monitoring as well as a variety of others


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