BEI Sensors Model 9970 Hall Effect Position Sensor

BEI Sensors has introduced the Model 9970 Hall effect position sensor featuring IP67 and IP69K sealing and a heavy-duty design for use in harsh operating environments.

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The Model 9970 Hall effect position sensor from BEI Sensors ships quickly, within two weeks, and features a 50 mm mounting hole spacing for drop-in compatibility with existing installations.

  • Comes standard with 1.5 Series AMP Superseal connector
  • Well sealed IP67 and IP69K packaging uses non-contacting technology, ensuring ruggedness and durability for applications in harsh environments
  • Features extended operating life of up to 35 million cycles and a temperature rating from -40 to 125 C
  • Heavy-duty design allows for precise motion control feedback in a variety of wash-down and dirty and dusty applications 
  • Comes in two standard output configurations of 0 to 5V ratiometric or 4 to 20 mA for ease of specification and use across applications
  • Ability to travel full 360 degrees allows use over a large range of rotary motions
  • Overvoltage protection prevents possible damage from installation errors
  • Highly resistant to electromagnetic interference, up to 200V/m, to limit radio interference
  • Suited for harsh environments including steering and pedal positioning for off-highway construction and agricultural vehicles, mining and material handling equipment and for valve position indication or control 



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