Williams Controls WM-830 Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor

The WM-830 position sensor from Curtiss-Wright features a ruggedized design for protection against water, dust, shock and vibration.

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Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division announces the launch of the WM-830 non-contact, rotary position sensor from its brand family of Williams Controls.

  • Cost-effective, non-contact rotary position sensor
  • Uses Hall-effect technology to provide accurate and reliable measurement of angular position
  • Mechanical, ruggedized design offers exceptional levels of performance against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature
  • Non-contact sensing technology provides long mechanical life
  • Standard 48.5 degrees measurement angle is common for many electronic throttle pedal designs
  • Interchangeable with the existing WM-810 rotary position sensor
  • Available with optional PWM outputs and 15- to 360-degree measurement angle
  • Connects via industry-standard Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 connectors
  • Operates from a 5V DC supply and has dual integrated circuits that are electrically isolated to provide two truly independent voltage signals, allowing the host electronics to detect output errors
  • Sensor outputs enter pre-defined states in the event of connection errors, providing further integrity 
  • Mechanical engagement with the rotating portion of the sensor is via a slotted cavity
  • Well suited for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles that are destined for use in challenging environments




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