MTS Sensors E-Series Linear Position Sensors with IO-Link Communication Protocol

MTS Sensors' E-Series position sensors with the IO-Link communication protocol enable consistent communication between sensors and controllers.

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MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation, has introduced versions of its E-Series linear position sensors that support the IO-Link communication protocol (as outlined within the IEC 61131-9 standard).

  • Available in a variety of different housing formats
  • Highly optimized for addressing space-constrained industrial automation applications
  • Offers simple bi-directional point-to-point communication with both signal transmission (at rates of up to 230.4 kbps) and power delivery being handled
  • Enables consistent communication between sensors and controller, and provides access to valuable diagnostic data that will ensure ongoing reliable operation
  • Maximum stroke length reaching up to 2,540 mm (100 in.)
  • High degree linearity keeps deviation to within a margin of less than 0.02% (full scale)
  • Rod-based option for in-cylinder integration is complemented by standard profile and low-profile options, plus an aluminum cylinder option that incorporates guided driving rod containing both the sensor element and accompanying electronics
  • Configurability enables key parameters to be adjusted to suit specific application requirements, including assignment of measuring direction (forward or reverse) and offset value
  • Operational temperature range covers -40-75 C (-40-167 F)
  • Provides straightforward way to transfer bi-directional data in a broad spectrum of different automation systems, allowing greater functionality and enhanced operational performance
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