PIHER PSC-360 IC Magnetic Position Sensor

The PSC-360 IC magnetic sensor from PIHER Sensors & Controls includes a new packaging design which eliminates the need for wire harnesses and a separate mating connector for easier installation.

PSC 360 2nd GEN PR 57276c8299135

PIHER Sensors & Controls S.A. has introduced the PSC-360 IC magnetic sensor, a second generation of its non-contacting PSC-360 Hall effect rotary position sensor.

  • Features integral six-pin mating connector
  • New package design eliminates need for wire harnesses and separate mating connector, simplifying installation
  • Uses Delphi Metripack 150.2 Series (12162210/12162260 /12162261)
  • Triple-rib peripheral silicone rubber seals enables device to exceed environmental requirements in most off-highway, industrial, marine, agriculture and heavy equipment applications
  • Offers high temperature capabilities with operational performance between -40-125 C (-40-257 F)
  • Provides high accuracy over 360 degrees with as little as 0.5% linearity error
  • Sensitive only to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface, eliminating problems and optimizing accuracy for absolute position feedback from 0-360 degrees
  • Package maintains true non-contacting air gap between rotating magnet and fixed sensing system 
  • Designed with permanent magnet as the only moving component
  • Provides mechanical life of up to 50 million cycles
  • Fully sealed magnet and encapsulated electronics (sensing system) ensure durability
  • Sealed to IP67 rating and impervious to humidity
  • Well suited to harsh environmental exposure where shock, vibration, high humidity and dust are unavoidable


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