Novotechnik TH1 Series Touchless In-Cylinder Linear Position Sensors

The Novotechnik TH1 Series touchless in-cylinder sensors are available with five output interfaces, including CANopen, current and impulse output.

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Novotechnik introduces the TH1 Series of touchless in-cylinder linear position sensors.

  • Rod-style design
  • For integration within hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, while electronic components remain outside cylinder
  • Rod is easily mounted in-cylinder through one end and attached to cylinder with either a threaded flange on the rod or a plug-in flange
  • Screw-plug hole is sized at 3/4 in./M18 diameter and plug-in flange is 46 mm (1.81 in.)
  • Magnetic pick-up position marker is mounted on application’s piston rod
  • Available in stroke lengths from 50-4,250 mm (1.97-167.32 in.)
  • Custom lengths are available for volume applications
  • Voltage, current, CANopen, SSI and impulse output interface versions are available as standard product
  • Operates under pressure up to 350 bar (5,076.32 psi) with peaks up to 600 bar (8,702.26 psi)
  • Shock and vibration ratings are 100 g and 20 g respectively
  • Operating temperature range is -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Sealed to IP67 or IP68 depending on version
  • Repeatability is ±0.03% of full scale regardless of stroke length and resolution is 1 µm
  • Absolute linearity is ≤ ±0.02% of full scale
  • Pick-up marker’s traverse speed and acceleration are unlimited, as is sensor's mechanical life 




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