Surround-Eye 360 Degree Camera System

The Surround-Eye camera system from Orlaco provides a 360-degree view around a vehicle, and presents objects in normal sizing to give an accurate view of the surrounding area.

Orlaco's Surround-Eye camera system gives the driver a complete, 360-degree view around a vehicle.

  • Provides real, natural view of the vehicle's surroundings
  • Enables drivers to use camera to maneuver the vehicle in an efficient and safe manner
  • Eliminates blind spots
  • Allows drivers to see every object, person or vehicle around the operated machine
  • Objects in all camera images are not overstretched but are shown in relatively normal sizing
  • During driving the objects in all cameras are presented in similar size to make sure the operator has a better and quicker understanding of the surrounding area
  • While backing up the picture flips automatically so that the driver has a natural view
  • Provides all around 360-degree view using standard cameras and Multiview box
  • Removes need for complex and time consuming calibration of cameras
  • On ground level, feet of persons and tires of bicycles are always visible




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