Orlaco CFMC and CPH Amos Cameras

The CFMC and CPH cameras from Orlaco feature the latest AMOS chip technology which is capable of quickly adjusting image quality when surroundings change from dark to light.

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Orlaco has launched the next generation of CFMC and CPH cameras.

  • Features latest AMOS chip technology
  • Enhanced housing ensures optimum performance
  • High-resolution chip, combined with high level of light sensitivity of 0.05 lux, provides sharp view
  • Chip adjusts image quality on monitor extremely quickly if surroundings change from dark to light and vice versa
  • Image quality is further enhanced by special coating on lens which prevents light reflections in image
  • Housing of CFMC fits seamlessly into existing systems — drilled holes and dimensions are identical to previous models
  • Raising the height of housing around lens by 1 mm (0.04 in.) has created an ideal position for the lens, ensuring corners of housing will never again appear in image


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