AFEX Fire Suppression System

The AFEX Fire Suppression System can be activated automatically or manually, which is beneficial if there is an electrical system failure.


An AFEX fire suppression system is a pre‐engineered fire protection solution for equipment fires on mobile heavy equipment. 

  • Ruggedly designed to survive harsh operating conditions
  • Easily serviced in the field using common hand tools
  • Specialized for protecting vehicles used in heavy industries such as mining, forestry, steel, paper, waste management, energy and agriculture.
  • Features rugged stainless steel construction
  • Tubing, unlike hose, does not twist or tangle among the many existing hydraulic lines
  • Provides clean and organized appearance that places the nozzles in fixed positions to best reach fire hazards without interfering with routine maintenance and operation of the machine
  • Tubing is nearly maintenance free and avoids costly and time consuming hose replacements
  • Dry chemical, liquid agent and dual agent systems are available
  • Can be activated manually or automatically
  • Available in various configurations to accommodate any piece of heavy equipment, large or small, from hydraulic mining shovels all the way down to skid steer loaders



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