PreView Safety Alert System (SAS)

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PreView SAS provides your operators with the tools they need to safely maneuver through their blind spots and busy work sites. PreView SAS integrates our patented pulsed sensors, an in-cab audible and visual warning system, and an external back-up alarm. The end result, the driver has time to react, while the individuals outside of the vehicle receive a distinctive audible tone when they are in the vehicles blind spot.

Simple to use, the PreView sensor sends radar pulses in the desired detection zone. When an object is detected in the set zone, three things happen: 1) the in-cab display sounds an audible and visual warning to the driver; 2) the back-up alarm either gets louder OR the buzzing sound changes in pulse (depending on system chosen); 3) as the object get closer, the in-cab warning illuminates more LEDs and increases in pulse urgency, giving the driver an object

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