ANSUL Liquid Vehicle System (LVS) Fire Protection System

The ANSUL Liquid Vehicle System provides fire suppression and cooling in a single agent.

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The ANSUL Liquid Vehicle System (LVS) from Tyco is a fire protection system available to provide both fire suppression and cooling in a single agent to handle any non-road mobile equipment application.

  • Interrupts the chemical reaction that supports combustion
  • Can flow into areas in which flammable liquids can settle
  • Water content of Wet Agent cools fuel and surrounding super-heated surfaces, minimizing the chance for re-ignition
  • Wet Agent forms a film over flammable fuels, which also minimizes re-flash potential
  • Protects both on- and off-road vehicles in extreme heat and cold, operating within a temperature range of –40 to 140 F (–40 to 60 C)
  • Available as a four-nozzle, five-gallon system; 10-nozzle, 15-gallon system; and 20-nozzle, 30-gallon system
  • Straight-line, split tee and manifold block distribution hose network options are also available
  • Wet Agent is a proprietary blend of organic and inorganic salts, combined with surface activate ingredients as well as properties associated with conventional Class B liquid foaming agents
  • Wet Agent is effective in extinguishing ordinary combustible and flammable liquid and gas fires 
  • Premixed five-gallon containers enable convenient filling of agent tank, with no measuring or guessing of correct proportions of concentrate to water
  • Premixed formula also eliminates concerns over the use of contaminated or dirty water
  • Features a 25-year shelf life
  • Containers and external pressure cartridges allow for quick and efficient recharges, reducing equipment downtime
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