Heavy-Duty Stabilization System

The Heavy-Duty Stabilization system from Power-Packer is able to handle 10 to 20% side load capacity and offers stroke lengths from 12 to 63 in.

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Power-Packer introduces its Heavy-Duty Stabilization system to the off-highway market. Targeted to vehicles in the construction, drilling and mining markets, the system is engineered for performance in applications that require increased capacity, increased side loading and harsh environment capability.

  • Able to handle 10 to 20% side load capacity depending on stroke
  • Stroke lengths range from 12 to 63 in.
  • Optional upgrades include universal footpad and mechanical locking feature
  • Features heavy-wall tube design, integrated valve blocks, thicker mounting plates, and lift capacities up to 85,000 lbs. at 3,000 psi and mechanical load holding to 175,000 lbs.
  • Robustly designed for heavy-duty applications  
  • Counterbalance valves provide relieving function and integral load holding for safety
  • Relieving function optimizes performance, reduces leak points and protects against thermal expansion
  • Integral load holding creates positive load holding in case of pressure loss
  • Dual counterbalance valves virtually eliminate potential for catastrophic failure when valve is remotely located
  • Leak potential is significantly reduced due to the incorporation of safety features, and the use of SAE fittings
  • Comes with outer mount tube
  • Mounting brackets that can be customized for each application are integrated on the outer mount tube, facilitating easy and fast removal for servicing or repair
  • Internal port location reduces start air bleed requirement and avoids air entrapped in oil which may cause hydraulic system component wear
  • O-ring seals in rod head prevent contamination between weld tube and cylinder outer tube, while dual guide rings protect contamination from entering exterior tube wall
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