Visi-Light Backup Alarm

Hamsar Diversco's Visi-Light Backup Alarm is durably designed with an IP67 rating and anti-vibration gasket to withstand harsh operating conditions.

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The Visi-Light Backup Alarm from Hamsar Diversco Inc. can be synchronized with other Visi-Light units to provide a complete warning system.

  • Epoxy sealed for greater durability against water
  • M.I.R.A. tested for all on- and off-highway applications
  • Dual voltage CE & EMC approved
  • Includes anti-vibration gasket
  • Pressure washable and features IP67 rating
  • Features operating voltage of 9 to 36V and operating current for 12V system is 520mA and 24V system is 370mA
  • Operating temperature is -40 to 50 C
  • Includes reverse polarity protection
  • Features volume level of 97 dB
  • Lights flash brighter when night silent is operational
  • Includes night silent or half volume option as well as night silent override option
  • Lights only operation activated by on-dash switch
  • Lights can be used in full flash mode independently of alarm in warning light mode and operated by on-dash switch (when alarm is engaged it automatically takes preference)
  • When alarm is activated the lights flash in unison with the sound, when mute or half volume are selected the lights flash brighter to highlight the dangers
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