i-Guard Anti-Theft System

The latest anti-theft system from STRATTEC, iGuard, is designed especially for the heavy-duty equipment market.

Strattec I Guard Anti Theft Sy 11248322

STRATTEC Security Corp. has released i-Guard, its latest anti-theft solution, developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries.

  • A robustly designed theft-deterrent system for heavy equipment
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) electronic immobilizer design
  • Safeguards costly machinery of any size from unauthorized use
  • Electronic code programmed into engine module and into a chip in the key or a Fob is transmitted between the two components by a small antenna via difficult-to-mimic radio frequencies
  • Insertion of key into ignition, or activation of push-start button on Fob used, initiates authorization request from vehicle
  • If the engine and key or Fob codes don't match, the vehicle will not start
  • Relies on radio frequencies which majority of criminals do not have skills to disable, unlike easily hacked GPS technology
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