waySmart 850 Fleet Safety System

waySmart 850 from inthink is a fleet safety system which can provide alerts to both drivers and fleet managers about dangerous driving conditions.


inthinc's waySmart 850 is a comprehensive heavy-duty fleet safety system which combines telematics and safety features to help improve fleet management and driver safety.

  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) increase accuracy and eliminate manual paperwork associated with vehicle inspection reports
  • Road Hazard Awareness (RHA) notifyies drivers in real-time of potential road hazards ahead
  • Trailer Tracker tracks trailers and fleet vehicles using GPS tracking and asset management technology
  • Features Android-based platform to seamlessly integrate fleet management technology with corporate systems 
  • In-cab Verbal Coaching allows fleet managers to send automated in-cab verbal alerts in real-time when drivers are speeding or driving aggressively 
  • Seat Belt Use Alerts ensures drivers are wearing a seat belt while driving by sending alerts to both drivers and managers
  • Speed-by-Street feature sends automated verbal alerts to drivers when they exceed the speed limit on any given road segment 
  • Driver/Fleet Scoring assigns driver/fleet scorecards to identify safe drivers and those in need of additional training 
  • Crash & Roll-Over Detection sends instant notifications to fleet managers via phone, text or email when a vehicle has been in a crash 
  • Fuel Use and MPG Tracking monitors miles per gallon for each fleet vehicle on a daily basis 
  • Idle Monitoring and Alerts monitors idling behaviors of drivers and identifies those who are not in compliance with corporate policy 
  • Work AloneTimer allows drivers to set up timers warning management if they do not return to the vehicle in a given time frame 
  • Includes electronic forms that enable fleet managers to process work orders electronically, taking the hassle out of paper-based work order processing 
  • Electronic Hours-of-Service Logs avoids hassles associated with erroneous paper logs while eliminating timely administrative overhead
  • Automated Exception Alerts instantly notifies fleet managers via text, email or phone call when a driver exhibits dangerous driving behavior or commits a serious violation 


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