WorkSight Preview

Preco Electronics' WorkSight Preview proximity detection system uses dual antennas to detect objects close to the bumper as well as those up to 20 ft. behind the vehicle.

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WorkSight Preview from Preco Electronics Inc. provides proximity detection that is well suited for use in most extreme environments.

  • Decrease blind zone accidents
  • Detection beam supports narrow applications
  • Sensors contain two distinctive antennas in a rugged encasing
  • Double antennas provide close-in detection needed to protect objects very close to the bumper of the vehicle, while simultaneously detecting objects as far away as 20 ft. (6 m) without dramatically increasing the width of the detection pattern
  • First antenna provides short-distance pulsed radar beam to cover the width of the average heavy-duty vehicle bumper area
  • Second antenna provides long-distance beam that detects behind vehicle
  • Can work as a single-sensor system for directly behind the vehicle, or together in a multi-sensor network system to provide both front and rear detection for larger vehicles


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