DW-1001 Digital Wireless System

Brigade Electronics' DW-1001 is a digital wireless camera monitor system that eliminates the need for excess cabling often used when connecting rearview cameras.

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Brigade Electronics introduces the DW-1001 Digital Wireless system which eliminates excess cabling that would otherwise be used to connect rearview camera systems.

  • Mitigates risk of cable damage
  • Reduces installation time and costs, particularly for camera systems installed on large vehicles or machinery
  • Saves up to two hours fitment time and removes the need for an additional retractable coiled cable
  • Digital wireless technology gives almost instantaneous pictures (camera to monitor in less than 200 milliseconds)
  • Unaffected by electrical interference from other vehicle or machine equipment
  • Camera image is sent to monitor via a transmitter and receiver, and once paired, the wireless link is secure 
  • Features easy re-pairing function, allowing the receiver to be linked to a different transmitter making interchanging trailers possible and hassle free
  • Eliminating the need for additional cables makes interchanging trailers a simple and quick process



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