Bendix Enhances Vehicle Safety Portfolio With AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System

The AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System from Bendix, which warns drivers of unintended lane drifts, helps increase the company's portfolio of safety products.

With the addition of AutoVue Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System from Bendix CVS to its portfolio of commercial vehicle safety technologies, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC continues to make highways safer for fleets, drivers and all motorists on the road.

AutoVue, which Bendix purchased from Iteris Inc., in 2011, is a vision-based system that links a camera with a 60-degree field of view to an onboard computer that uses image recognition software to track visible lane markings. This market-leading LDW system continually monitors a vehicle’s position and detects when the vehicle begins to drift toward an unintended lane change. Upon detection, AutoVue emits a distinctive “rumble strip” or other audible warning to alert the driver to make a correction.

“Lane drift can be the result of anything from drowsiness and distractions to adverse weather conditions, and even a slight or momentary drift can have catastrophic consequences in terms of human and financial loss,” says TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions, Controls group. “The AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System can significantly reduce the possibility of a lane departure-based incident.”

AutoVue is effective day and night, and in most weather conditions where lane markings are visible – even in low-visibility situations such as fog or rain. The system recognizes both solid and dashed shoulder lines, centerlines, and lines between lanes, even if they are heavily faded. In snowy conditions, if a driver can see a line, the AutoVue system can as well. When a vehicle is operating on snow-covered roadways, the AutoVue LDW system senses that it can't see lines, goes into a disabled state, and notifies the driver by lighting up the orange reduced-function light.

The system is also optimized to nearly eliminate false alarms: no warnings are provided for planned lane departures indicated by an activated turn signal, and the system disables warnings when the vehicle’s speed is less than 37 mph. And, as an added driver support feature, an alert will sound when the vehicle drifts in the opposite direction of the activated turn signal.

The AutoVue LDW system is available on vehicles from a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers in North America, Europe and Japan, and can be configured to specific vehicle makes and models for aftermarket installation. The system can also be retrofit to vehicles already in service.

Like other major Bendix safety technologies, AutoVue can be linked to the SafetyDirect from Bendix CVS's Web portal, which allows fleet owners the opportunity to analyze real-time safety information transmitted wirelessly from their vehicles. Using existing fleet communication systems, SafetyDirect provides immediate warnings and critical safety information, as well as driver performance data and event-based information.

Other onboard safety systems linked to SafetyDirect include Bendix Wingman Advanced – A Collision Mitigation Technology, Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program full-stability system, and SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) by Bendix CVS.

“The integration of SafetyDirect and AutoVue Lane Departure Warning technology into the Bendix portfolio makes this the most comprehensive active safety data offering on the market today,” says Hans Molin, Bendix product manager for vision systems and SafetyDirect. “The value and effectiveness of this powerful combination is the reason we are experiencing tremendous growth and why we continue to receive very positive reactions from our existing customers using this technology.”