PRECO Debuting Enhanced PreView Side Defender at IAA 2018

PRECO's PreView Side Defender features a 150-degree viewing angle and a new display.

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Across the globe, an average of 1.3 million people lose their lives each year in incidents involving a vehicle. Today alone, a vehicle will be the main cause of an estimated 3,287 fatalities, including vulnerable road users (VRU). The European Union (EU) has recognized this as a public health crisis and is in the process of mandating blind spot safety legislation for all heavy-duty vehicles in the EU.  

In anticipation of the EU’s new legislation, the need for side blind zone detection coverage has become a priority. Since introducing the first radar-based side collision mitigation solution in 2003, PRECO Electronics has maintained the leadership position in side object detection as well as rear blind zone coverage which continues to be recognized as a significant health and safety issue.  

PRECO will debut an enhanced PreView Side Defender solution at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles fair, optimized specifically for aftermarket users. Side Defender’s advanced technology has been very successful with OEMs and the updated solution will provide a powerful and affordable option with ease of installation for retrofits.  

The intelligent technology in the PreView Side Defender is able to detect moving cyclists and cars in the side blind zones, while filtering out stationary objects. Equipped with a 150-degree viewing angle and a new display, the system is an expandable and flexible safety option. The enhanced system is a self-contained solution, engineered for OEM integration and now easily retrofitted in the aftermarket to meet the safety needs of fleets.  

In 2016, PreView Side Defender, the industry’s most advanced side object detection solution, and PreView Sentry, the most flexible, accurate, and powerful active blind spot monitoring solution were launched, further solidifying PRECO as the global leader of blind spot solutions. Both radar systems are shipped globally and are designed, engineered and manufactured by PRECO to protect heavy-duty equipment fleets, their operators, and those around them.  

With its extensive worldwide dealer network, PRECO is equipped to understand and focus on the blind spot challenges specific to locations across the globe. With this network, PRECO’s goal is to design safety systems engineered to successfully serve as the premier safety solution in all worldwide heavy-duty environments.  

As the global leader in collision mitigation technologies, PRECO Electronics recognizes the severity of the issue and stands at the forefront of the movement to eliminate heavy-duty vehicle collisions. Safety has remained at the heart of PRECO, and lowering worldwide collision figures has been the company’s lifelong pursuit, since patenting the first electronic back up alarm in 1967. With over 70 years of innovation and earned experience, PRECO’s customers continue to see up to an 85% reduction in blind zone incidents after installing PreView Radar systems. Keeping pace with the evolving needs of the industry, PRECO’s engineering team proudly continues their innovative advances in new safety technologies. With a focus on finding solutions to the safety issues faced by heavy-duty industries, developing new technologies to help keep fleets, drivers, and the public safe by increasing blind spot and object awareness is a priority. PRECO aims to assist in the difficult task of operating heavy-duty equipment. By providing trucks, buses, construction equipment, and mining machines with side and rear radar systems, PRECO strives to mitigate risk, while eliminating accident-related injuries and fatalities through active blind spot monitoring.