WABCO OnSide Blind Spot Detection System

WABCO's OnSide blind spot detection system is a radar-based technology which reduces the risk of side collisions and enables active collision avoidance.

Wabco On Side Press Graphic

WABCO has introduced WABCO OnSide, an advanced blind spot detection system for commercial trucks and trailers.

  • Radar-based system
  • Alerts drivers of presence of moving vehicles in truck’s blind spot
  • Provides side collision warning to reduce risk of accidents  
  • Uses advanced short range radar to detect moving vehicle in blind spot and alerts driver with visual signal
  • Provides more assertive warning in form of an audible signal or seat vibration when truck’s turn signal is engaged 
  • Can be used in conjunction with WABCO’s OnLaneASSIST lane keeping assist system
  • When used with OnLaneASSIST, if a lane change is initiated and OnSide detects a vehicle in the adjacent lane, OnLaneASSIST applies correction torque to steering wheel to return vehicle towards lane center
  • Radar sensor enables 160-degree field of view and provides coverage for up to 65% of standard 53-ft. trailer
  • Performs reliably even in low visibility conditions such as darkness, fog, rain or snow
  • Distinguishes moving vehicles from objects that do not pose a hazard, minimizing false warnings
  • Can be mounted out of sight behind fairings on either side of vehicle and features plug-and-play functionality that does not require alignment or calibration  
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